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a request and a quick response...on Circular Economy

Recently I was asked by a govt. agency in Tamil Nadu to participate in a short introductory meeting on how to promote a #CircularEconomy idea within the state, what forms of systems and policies needs to be put in place. 

In the meeting I realized that the basic challenge is with achieving a common understanding and ensuring that people agree on what is pragmatic approach to take within the typical govt. implementation challenges. 

Normally i will send such notes to govt. with a prayer and forget it. but this time was different. i have been teaching Circular Economy as part of diverse alternate economies that have emerged across the world to the current global capitalist model. i profile 12 such models and look at their pros and cons based on available material. This I have built over a period of time as part of the Introductory Course on Green Economy that I offer to colleges and universities. What i put together as  a quick note to the govt. is basically expand one part of the classroom material and add a couple of more slides exclusively for the govt. 

A friend suggested that this time I should share the same with a wider audience so that people know that this is available as an option. apparently govt. departments everywhere are crazy about the term ''circular economy'' now. 

so, here is a short video that doesn't pretend to be comprehensive, but, as a conversation starter...

p.s.: images have been taken from what's available online