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Talks, Lecture, Presentations...2019

There are speeches given on various occasions in different contexts and many are not documented in the past. So, this year, I am trying to document these here. This blog will have all the speeches I am asked to make, I decided to also add interactive sessions, meetings and exchanges here to ensure that all of these are available in the same location. Hopefully, I can stick to this through the year of 2019.
1. Growing up to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Strategies, Processes and Insights  - 4th January 2019 in the '"Local Food Festival" organized by the French Institute, at the French Institute, Pondichery

2. Presenting the Sustainable Livelihood Institute - 29th January 2019 at the National Consultative Meeting on Innovation for Local Governance organized by National Rural Livelihood Mission, Bengaluru.

3. Shaping Sustainable Livelihoods - 30th January 2019 lecture and interaction with the International Delegation from 15 Developing countries visiting Sustainable Li…
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20 years of Samanvaya...

15th Aug 1998, we started Samanvaya Consulting as a small initiative. It was just a newsletter at that time, but, the resolve was to work as independent consultants only in the social sector. "Shaping actions for a better planet" came about much later as a motto. Today, as we complete 20 years, we stay true to our objective of sticking to truth, making life simpler and staying small even as the world around us during these 2 decades has changed much. During this time, we have enabled and catalyzed initiatives and ventures that have touched perhaps a few thousand lives, changed some of them. To be able to do so is a blessing. To continue to be receiving the opportunity to serve the social space, is bigger blessing.

We don't have a habit of celebrating our birthday, but, wanted to share this short story above just to tell anyone out there with a heart to serve or volunteer in the social sector and wondering if it is possible to survive. 

YES, we are a living proof. The rules…

Wishes of Peace from the Land of Gandhi, dear Emma Gonzalez

Dear Emma Gonzalez,

Today I watched the video online of your silent plea, a plea to be allowed to live, in one of the most amazing show of solidarity and strength seen in your part of the world in recent times. As I saw your tears roll down, I couldn't contain mine either. In your intensity, in your silence, in your final words, I saw the despair of the future generations when they look at the current generation and its unwilling ways to change and make life comfortable or even livable for the future generations.

The 6 minutes of silence that you paused in your speech was so important in a world that is debating hotly just now, the listening and reading, the interpretation, analysis and commercial exploitation of the smallest of exchange of words between of loved ones. In your silence, you gave a slap to this entire industry that works with  words and the analysis of words and the meaning that gets communicated based on the same.

That you stepped out at your age to seek justice a…

Auroville at 50: let's cheer and celebrate, there is no another Auroville!

The intentional community of Auroville located in the states of Tamilnadu and Pondichery has come a long way since its beginning in 1968. As the launch of the 50th birthday of Auroville coincides this week, I am tempted to write this as a ring side viewer of Auroville (or some parts of it) and its several developments since almost 2 decades now.

"What is Auroville?" is an interesting question that is often posed by people who come to Auroville and depending on whom it is posed to, it elicits various types of responses. I have often been asked this question and my response has evolved over a period to currently be this, "Auroville is a congregation of 2000 journeys, journeys that people from different parts of the world have started with a quest for something", the journeys and the congregation, the acknowledgement of the charter and the acceptance of all these people to live along side others with their own quests is what defines Auroville today. 
Now, this may look …

Coming Up...late Feb 2018

Chief, Samanvaya will be 2 different events this coming days...

The Dharma of the Expert!

The Dharma of the Expert!

The article appeared in the January 2018 issue of Vedanta Kesari, an 105 year old magazine on Vedanta established by Swami Vivekananda and published by the Ramakrishna Math, Chennai

The advent and domination of modern technology today extends from our daily domestic use to national defence and international communications.
However, whenever questions are being posed by modern technology such as the Nuclear Power Plant in Koodankulam or the introduction of Genetically Modified Crops, we find that even the best among us don’t have a framework or approach that is clear and easy to understand. Questions such as ‘What is the limit to the usage of modern technology?’, ‘How do we measure its benefits as  against its harms?’ and more importantly, ‘When to reject modern technology?’ are not always eliciting a clear response from intellectuals, leaders and even scientists and technocrats. We find that they are unable to balance their professional interest…