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8th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture

The 8 th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture will feature, Dr. Sailakshmi , founder trustee of Ekam Foundation ( ), an institution that has been instrumental in saving the lives of several poor new born infants across the state through its network of private hospitals, service providers, medicine suppliers and philanthropic supporters. Dr. Sailakshmi had embarked on the journey of setting up Ekam to provide the best of health care for every newborn regardless of their economic situation. Her enthusiasm, persuading power and vision has driven this institution to provide remarkable service at a very short time. She has been setting up district wise citizen’s support system on health that is an essential step in achieving local governance on health. In the process she has also encountered the issues, challenges and restrictions of our health care system organization into which a life is born every few seconds. She will share her idea of freedom under the title, ‘ Jivan Swara