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the best memoir of 2020

"so you came to flaunt how rich you are, living among all these amazing people", commented LC Jain when i met him physically the last time in Bengaluru. I had taken an amazing voluntary network coordinator with me to meet him. I had visited him couple of times earlier, once met his wife, Devaki, briefly when I had been to his place for lunch with my wife. Among the many materials he had sent me as reference for my work were one lecture by her. She was charming when we met and made great sense when I read her lecture. In 2006, when Dharampalji died he sent a personally written note for the memorial meeting we organised in Chennai. When he passed away in Delhi, it was a personal loss because I learnt much even within the short duration.

So, when I ordered this book it was with an expectation that was personal as well as professional. It arrived yesterday and I haven't put it down yet.

What a remarkable life! It is one thing to be born into an upper class south indian family …

Samanvaya completes 22 yrs. - Special Newsletter on 15th Aug 2020.

Snippets: Ahimsa Conversation # 15 Ramasubramanian Oruganti

Snippets of conversations on Ahimsa, it was great to have this conversation with Rajni Bakshi. Though the first conversation was recorded under better environment in the middle of moving around and having lunch together in Sustainable Livelihood Institute in early January, due to disturbing nature of the audio we had to re-record the interview again during the lock down in the more sedentary position with me sitting in my cluttered home office....The full conversation is already available on youtube alongside these snippets.