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Samanvaya Freedom Lecture - Report

PRACTICE OF ABUNDANCE AND LOVE ESSENTIAL TO ENJOY FREEDOM AND INITIATE SOCIAL CHANGE URGES Dr. SAILAKSHMI 12 th Aug, 2011, Chennai:   “The most important parts of social change and action can emerge from voluntary action and such voluntary action has to be driven by love and a sense of abundance”, urged Dr. Sailakshmi, founder – trustee of Ekam Foundation while delivering the 8 th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture. Dr. Sailakshmi through Ekam has been providing support services to the poorest new born children in the state whose parents cannot afford better medical facility or drugs. Ekam provides the new-borns with the best available medical attention to ensure that the neo-natal deaths are minimized in the state. Ekam has contributed significantly in educating and supporting the system and believes in working with the government machinery. Recently Ekam has also recruited and trained nurses for the neo-natal care units in the state as part of the NRHM, along with the State heal

8th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture - Invitation