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Sri. Pawan Gupta talking to teachers

Samanvaya along with the State Science & Technology Centre had organized for a talk and interaction between Sri. Pawan Gupta, SIDH, Mussoorie and state government teachers at the Periyar Planetarium on the 24th February 2009.  Pawan Gupta was on a visit to Samanvaya for discussing possible areas of joint work and collaboration.  The following report is thanks to Smt. Chitra Nagesh who has kindly put down her recollection and sent to us. The programme was coordinated by Smt. Subha Bharadwaj: Shri. Pawan Kumar Gupta from SIDH (Society for Integrated Development of the Himalayas), gave a talk on ‘ Ideas and Myths about education ’ as part of Science Week celebrations under the auspices of TN Science and Technology Centre on 24 th , February 2009. This talk was organized by Samanvaya along with  the TNSTC. From the moment he started with a brief glimpse about himself and his work till the end when he gave a call to the teachers present to look at education differently and

25th Feb 09: meeting on native institutions

Some time back Ram had written a note on the management practices of community institutions and the need to study the same across the country. A few friends are interested to take this issue forward and have expressed their interest to gather for a meeting. The same is scheduled for the 25th of Feb 2009 at the Samanvaya office.

FW: mail of appreciation

For those doing thankless jobs, any word of appreciation is an occasion to celebrate. Wanted to share with the group this appreciative mail we received.  Ramasubramanian Director Samanvaya Consulting ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----Original Message----- From: Swami Sarvapriyananda Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2009 9:06 AM To: Subject:  Dear sir, I am a monk of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, presently stationed at Belur Math. This is to convey my appreciation of the work you are doing. I was just perusing one of your publications "Lets Talk Swaraj", and i was impressed by the seriousness and depth of the discussion. The views expressed therein are in accordance with the noblest visions of India's greatest sons and daughters, firmly rooted in the ground reality and yet open to all that is good and positive in the world. I got the book from another monk, Swami Ashutoshananda

19th Feb 2009: 2 yeras of Dharampal.Net

It is two years since we launched Dharampal.Net  as the on-line repository of all of the works of Sri. Dharampal.  Here is a note on the website that was released yesterday. (photo alongside of Sri. Sunderlal Bahuguna & Sri. Dharampal, shot during their stay in Chennai a few years back. courtesy Smt. Lakshmi, Chennai) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Friend  / Fan of Dharampalji, Greetings. Tomorrow is Dharampalji’s 87 th birthday . As we celebrate the second year of launching this website ( ) , we feel happy and over whelmed by the response. There have been an average of 150 visitors (with over 80% of these new ones) every month for this website since its launch on 19 th Feb 2007.  The website has made available Dharampalji’s works to many for the first time. We have had enthusiastic responses from lecturers in remote rural colleges, young students and researche

22nd - 25th Feb 2009: Sri. Pawan Gupta of SIDH visiting Samanvaya

Sri. Pawan Gupta is the founder of SIDH, Mussoorie  . Pawanji is an old friend of Samanvaya. He will be with us between 22nd and 25th to explore areas of mutual interest and joint work.  He will be addressing a group of teachers in the Science & Technology Centre at the Planetarium on the 23rd. A meeting among a few friends on the 25th will explore research work on community management practices.