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The Dharma of the Expert

DIALOGUE is a quarterly journal brought out by the Astha Bharati ( ), New Delhi. I had written a short article for their latest issue, April - June 2014 that focuses on "Globalization, Modernisation and National Identity". I had met the Editor of Dialogue, Mr. Kumar in Delhi earlier this year and was quite impressed with his dedication in bringing such a serious sounding magazine for decades. This particular issue has several interesting articles including by Ven. Samdhong Rimpoche, Pawan Gupta and others. Ram, 06/07/2014 ============================== =================== The Dharma of the Expert This article is a translation by the author from an earlier article written for the THAALANMAI tamil magazine, . The advent and domination of modern technology today extends from our daily domestic use all the way to national defense and international communications. However, whenever there are questions being posed by th

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