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What’s our perspective on farming?

What’s our perspective on farming? Published in the October issue of Raibar, a periodic magazine brought out by SIDH, Mussoorie . A search for ‘farmer crisis in India’ fetches, 1,82,00,000 results in 0.87 seconds. A search for ‘solutions for farmer crisis in India’ fetches, 2,11,00,000 results in 0.70 seconds. So, what is there to write on farming situation today which has not been already written? This is a question that anyone today having to put a pen on a paper (or more like opening a file in a computer) needs to ask of himself / herself. So, at the cost of repeating someone else, I need to write something that I feel like worthy of repeating.  I seek to share some thoughts on the one area of farming that bothers me as a society and as a nation, our perspective on farming. As a nation or society with one of the longest continuing histories in the world, we have always had farming as an activity in this land in some form or another all through a thousand years