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A gentle assertive plea to ‘Save Our Soil’…Remembering Sri. M.V.Murugappan

The head of a prominent business family of Murugappa Group, its former Chairman  and a dear friend of Samanvaya, Sri. M.V.Murugappan, passed away yesterday. Here below a short note by Ram, Chief Samanvaya and an article written by Sri. Murugappan 10 years ago.   The last time I met with Mr. M.V.Murugappan was during the obituary meeting of the legendary organic farming leader, Sri. Nammzhvar in Chennai. We have sent out a note on the meeting by email to several people and true enough there was a phone call  from him earlier that day asking where was the venue. He turned up as he does ahead of time and was happy to sit among the audience. “I am not keeping good memory these days, don’t ask me to say anything, I just wanted to be here to honour him”, he said as he sat among the audience. This was the character of the man and his commitment to the various groups that were in pursuit of ‘alternatives’ in Chennai.   Sri. M.V.Murugappan in the right extreme with Ram, Chief, Samanvaya