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Samanvaya Knowledge Section Update

The article, "Facilitating Learning" written as an explorative, introductory write-up for further discussion in a seminar on Education in October 2002, has been edited further in March 2009. It briefly looks at what is Education, the aims of education and means of achieving the same. The new version has been uploaded and can be found here - Excerpt : "... Families may also choose to opt out of the current formal system of education. We already know that learning is a constant process, and we learn from what is within and around us. So our children could be "deschooled" or "homeschooled" (to borrow John Holt's term). I use the term 'self schooling' here, rather than 'self learning' since 'schooling' is associated with a certain organisation and structure; and similarly we may follow our own routine of doing things. It should be noted that routine does not mean mechanical or with

Announcing the Harmony Centre for Little Learners!

Conference on Understanding the Economic Crisis from the Hind Swaraj perspective

Samanvaya is happy to partner with SIDH, Mussorie and CEH, IIIT-Hyderabad in organizing a Conference to understand the current global(ized) economic crisis from the perspective of a 100 year old Testament. The event titled, ' Understanding the Modern Economic Crisis from the perspective of Hind Swaraj  and Exploring Alternative Spaces for a Sustainable World Order' will be hosted by SIDH, Mussoorie between the 13th to 17th May 2009 at their beautiful Bodhigram Campus in Kempty. The event will bring together academics, activists, scholars, thinkers and people from various fields who are asking serious questions on the current crisis. Sri. Samdhong Rimpoche, the Prime Minster for the Tibetan Government in exile and Sri. Ravindra Sharma of Kala Ashram, Adilabad will participate apart from many others. Do write if you are interested to participate for more details.