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Meeting with a Jain Acharya at Amarkanthak...Apri 2013

Had a great meeting with Jain Digambar Acharya Sri Vidyasagarji at the Amarkanthak camp (he doesn't stay in one location for a long time) for two days in early April. Discussed Hind Swaraj, Gandhi, Organic Farming, preserving native varieti es of cattle, spreading the knowledge on Indian heritage and culture....he spared over 6 hours on two days amidst many visitors and his daily kriyas to discuss these issues. Yet again felt humbled by a highly respected spiritual guru having such deep compassion and concern for society. It was a surprise to be honoured at a large gathering of the community later in the evening.

Ram's lecture at VSC, IIT-M, March 2013

Ram's lecture at VSC, IIT-M available online now...