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News Report, Indian Express: 7th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture, 22nd August 2009

‘70,000 tonnes of garbage cleared' CHENNAI: The Adyar Poonga will be ready in another 15 months, after two years of work in and around Adyar lake, Joss Brooks, director of Pitchandikulam Bio-resource centre said here on Saturday while narrating his experiences in working on the Adyar Poonga. He was speaking at the Seventh Samanvaya Freedom Lecture jointly organised by CIOSA on Gardening for Freedom held at Vidya Sagar (formerly Spastic society of India). Screening images of the Adyar Poonga project, he explained how tedious and interesting the project was to transform desecrated mother nature into a garden. “A year ago, Adyar poonga was dumped with garbage. Even as we started our work, tonnes of rubble were dumped in the place overnight,” he recalled, as he displayed a picture. The team that is working on the poonga eventually removed 70,000 tonnes of garbage and has been restoring it by planting saplings. Joss and his team have also signed an agreement with the government to mai

7th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture CIOSA And Samanvaya Invite you to the Seventh Samanvaya Freedom Lecture ‘Gardening for Freedom’ By Joss Brooks Director, Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre, Auroville Prof. G. Dattatri Former Chief Urban Planner, CMDA will preside and introduce the speaker Venue: Vidya Sagar, Thomas Rajan Auditorium, No 1 Ranjit Road, Kotturpuram, Chennai- 85 Date: 22nd August 2009, Saturday Time: 5:30 – 7:30p.m. -------------------------------------------- About the Speaker Joss Brooks, an Australian, came to India searching for sustainable ways of living in 1968. A dreamer and explorer then, searching for sustainable ways of living in harmony with nature, after 40 years of determination, hard work and actualising those dreams, he still remains a dreamer. One of the earliest settlers of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, he also worked to reforest and regenerate the barren and dying land. Today, Auroville is a place of demonstration and research in

7th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture, 22nd August 2009