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samanvaya is 16...

yes, we completed 16 years on Aug 15th...and after 10 years of Samanvaya Freedom Lecture, we have decided that we don't need to do these any longer. Samanvaya has had an interesting journey through these years and one consistent feature has been dialogue, dialogue on issues far beyond our control and scope, dialogues to explore together, to understand (in whatever limited manner), dialogues to pursue a whiff of knowledge, dialogues with people of diverse backgrounds - activists, academics, housewives, farmers, leaders, followers, aam aadmis, creative artists, grassroot workers...often we have had people drop by just to talk, ramble in a leisurely manner on just about anything. it has been enriching even as a few people have expressed it being useful to them.  today, we are blessed with the opportunity to create and shape institutions, institutions that we hope will shape actions for a better tomorrow, we look at these opportunities not different from the dialogues and we are