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Inauguration of Sustainable Livelihood Institute - 25th March 2015

Ram at the SLI Inauguration...

The Sustainable Livelihood Institute was Inaugurated on 25th March 2015

Village Irumbai, 25th March 2015 : The Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI) was Inaugurated in a simple and elegant ceremony at the beautiful Naicker House in the Irumbai village near Auroville this morning. The event started with a chanting by the Auroville chanting team followed by a beautiful flute recital by a young Aurovillian. Indicating the spirit of the Institute, several young Aurovillians lighted the lamp on one side while the other lamp was lit by senior Aurovillians and Government Officials. The SLI (as it is shortly called) is a joint venture between the Tamilnadu State Rural Livelihood Mission and the Auroville Foundation set-up to bring in sustainable values and ideas into the thought and actions of the rural livelihood department functionaries. The State government has committed to provide support for construction of a SLI campus in the neighbourhood of the current location and the Auroville Foundation is making available the land for the purpose.  A short po

Seeds, Freedom & Sustainability - An Evening with 3 Inspiring People...

19th March 2015 - Organic Farming movement in India along with several rights movements are the last bastions capable of producing true inspiring leaders in this country. We are fortunate to have three of them together on 19th March 2015 with us. Details of the Event Below. Please do register for the event here -  It is often that you get an opportunity to listen to legends walking among us together. Sometimes they don't agree with each other enough to not share a stage, other times, they are too busy being legends to come together for and share. This is a rare opportunity to listen to three of them in one evening. Don't miss the opportunity.

Dr. Sailakshmi of Ekam Foundation is recognized by Government of India with Nari Puraskar...

there are people we meet, who can make themselves unforgettable there are some who can leave a lasting impact   and then there are those who touch everyone they come across, to find and be better in themselves  - Dr. Sai is among those truly great persons who can touch and make a better person of whoever she comes to be in touch with...she performs in her daily life what for others is a lifetime work, she creates every moment around her what is a miracle for many, truly she enh ances life and this world! in honouring her today, this country celebrates the true power that an unending faith in love and human goodness will and can prevail upon all and this country hasn't lost the capacity to notice and recognize the same!   so proud to have had the privilege of known, worked with this amazing soul. and so happy for her and the amazing family of her young brigade of healers she is building in the Ekam Foundation you Sai. keep doing what you do best, this planet nee