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working with a women's group on village level herbal enterprise...

amazing team, great enthusiasm, conviction is high. so, can they pull off a village level herbal wellness products based  enterprises?

i don't know. we  started a series of interactions with them to understand their needs and build the required capacity in them for furthering their skill and knowledge levels.

their issues on enterprise management is centered around relationships - with clients, with shop keepers, with suppliers, with the NGO promoting the venture, with their own families, villages and other community institutions.

their questions around conviction elicit a strong response, 'of course, we tell people about our products!' says one with pride. 'of course, we sound strong when we talk to them', says another. so we shoot them doing role plays of the same and will be analyzing their body language and their method of managing a 'sale' and a 'negotiation' with a shopkeeper in a village.

we decided that their markets are within 100 kms arou…