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the year that was at Samanvaya...

as the year 2010 comes to an end, a quick look back - ...the year 2010 started in a flurry of activity, none more significant for me personally than the release of "Param - Positive News" , a news letter with positive ideas, people and initiatives. it was released during the annual "Ennangalin Sangamam" meeting (which happens each year on the first Sunday of the year) in Chennai. Positive News represents the aspirations of several people, that, there ought to be a news journal dedicated to carrying positive news about whatever goes on all around. The release itself was a major event, with spontaneous team forming towards putting together the journal and several others coming forward to participate / pitch-in for the idea.  Editing Param through one of the intense time of changes in the office was tough, but, also rewarding in terms of its impact, the number of positive stories that it carried and highlighted the efforts of the small person, did matter to other