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Swaraj Conference at SIDH, Mussoorie 13-17 May 2009

Ram participated and made a brief presentation at the Swaraj Conference at SIDH, Mussoorie between 13 - 17th May 2009. The conference was presided over by Rev. Samdhong Rimponche, the Prime Minister for the Tibetan Government in Exile and had the benefit of the presence and talk by Sri. Ravindra Sharma of Adilabad. Others who participated in the deliberations includes, Smt. Radha Behn, Chairperson, Gandhi Peace Foundation, Sri. Shiv Dutt Misha, Nai Taleem, Sevagram, Sri. Ransingh Arya, Sri. Udayan Vajpayee.

Recent Events

Here are review-reports of two programmes recently attended by Priya:

Co-Creating Prosperity: CD release on 1st May 2009

In 2006, Samanvaya had facilitated a National Seminar hosted by the Public Relations Department of Stella Maris College, Chennai  . The programme titled, 'Co-Creating Prosperity' highlighted the emerging reality where Corporate houses and Community Based Organizations can work together in a equal basis for co-creating new areas of business. This  event had been the genesis for the later launch of Community Access jointly by Samanvaya, CCD and LEAD India in 2008  .  Apart from jointly conceptualizing and facilitating the sessions, we had also made a presentation on the possible linkages between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). This presentation has been published as a small booklet along with a CD containing the presentation and our report on the event by the PR Department of Stella Maris College in a simple event on 1st May 2009. This was the last official event for Dr. Sundari Krishnamurthy who as HOD and Dean of Faculty relinqu

Stories we miss: 'Organic Farming Heroes'

Some time last year Samanvaya undertook a short assignment with Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems ( ), Chennai to record the stories of some of the recent organic farming converts in the areas where CIKS has been working for several years now. We learn from their latest monthly newsletter that the same has been published by them, it is a pleasant surprise.  Here is the blurb about the publication from the CIKS website and the cover. I had enjoyed interacting with these farmers and learning about their experiences. I will always cherish the amazing clarity and wisdom of the village community at Kaliyapettai and their leader Mr. Mohan under challenging circumstances.  Organic farming Heroes CIKS has been encouraging and supporting Small and Marginal farmers to convert to organic farming. Through organic farming, CIKS has been trying to enhance the livelihood security of these farmers. In this book, case studies of successful farmers have been presented. Their ex