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being flooded...a week when life in Chennai changed

Friends of Samanvaya, Thank you for the several friends who have mailed, texted, called or tried to call during the last couple of weeks to express your concern. Thank you for several friends in Chennai who had asked us to camp with them rather generously. This mail is to let you know that my family and myself are safe and fine. We had to first shift partly to our office and later completely away from our house as the floods inundated the house. Below is an account of the week that was, through the week at different times, I could somehow record a few observations and thoughts that was shared online in the social medium the connectivity for which worked in random manner, I have interspersed the same in between the narrative below to give an idea of what was going on. While floods and rains were not new to Chennai, the magnitude of this flood was ‘scary’ (a word I heard several times about this city in the last week) – it rained close to 50 cms in a day, that was last