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Let's Talk Stuff - Samanvaya Initiative

Samanvaya Freedom Lecture - Report

PRACTICE OF ABUNDANCE AND LOVE ESSENTIAL TO ENJOY FREEDOM AND INITIATE SOCIAL CHANGE URGES Dr. SAILAKSHMI 12 th Aug, 2011, Chennai:   “The most important parts of social change and action can emerge from voluntary action and such voluntary action has to be driven by love and a sense of abundance”, urged Dr. Sailakshmi, founder – trustee of Ekam Foundation while delivering the 8 th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture. Dr. Sailakshmi through Ekam has been providing support services to the poorest new born children in the state whose parents cannot afford better medical facility or drugs. Ekam provides the new-borns with the best available medical attention to ensure that the neo-natal deaths are minimized in the state. Ekam has contributed significantly in educating and supporting the system and believes in working with the government machinery. Recently Ekam has also recruited and trained nurses for the neo-natal care units in the state as part of the NRHM, along with the State heal

8th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture - Invitation

8th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture

The 8 th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture will feature, Dr. Sailakshmi , founder trustee of Ekam Foundation ( ), an institution that has been instrumental in saving the lives of several poor new born infants across the state through its network of private hospitals, service providers, medicine suppliers and philanthropic supporters. Dr. Sailakshmi had embarked on the journey of setting up Ekam to provide the best of health care for every newborn regardless of their economic situation. Her enthusiasm, persuading power and vision has driven this institution to provide remarkable service at a very short time. She has been setting up district wise citizen’s support system on health that is an essential step in achieving local governance on health. In the process she has also encountered the issues, challenges and restrictions of our health care system organization into which a life is born every few seconds. She will share her idea of freedom under the title, ‘ Jivan Swara

Moving to a new office

Samanvaya is moving again. For those who know us for long, we moved out of our home office a little over 5 years ago. Since then in the last 5 years, we have moved from the double room office at Perambur to the large office in Mylapore to the scenic one at Tiruvanmiyur.  It has been a great journey and much learning for all of us. Now as almost completing a circle, we are moving closer to the house where Rama and myself live at Velachery. This is primarily to make functioning lot more easier and comfortable. Our work continues as usual.  The new office will function from the address below starting from 19th January 2011. A small meeting has been organized for invoking good will and productive times as we move to this new office on the 19th morning. We seek your continued support and good will in the new office space.  Thank you and Wish everyone a Happy Pongal and Makar Sankaranthi, Ramasubramanian Chief, Samanvaya 15th January 2011 New Office: 'Jai Saraswathi',  # 12-B, C