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100 years after Gandhi landed in Mayavaram...remembering 1st May 1915

I am listed as a speaker to address a meeting to commemorate the 100 years of Gandhiji's visit and address at Mayavaram on 1st May 2015. He spoke of the 4 hypocrisies that he saw at that time - caste discrimination, gender bias, lack of pride in local language and lack of usage of Swadeshi products, particularly the local handloom products. What has changed? We have created several newer forms of castes in this society, making the rules of social upward movement even more difficult, gender insensitiveness has given way to actively perpetrated gender violence, not just the elite our village children too don't want to learn their native language any longer leave alone use it with pride and the entire state wears plastic clothes...if these were practiced as hypocrisy by the elite (leaders) in the midst of freedom struggle, they are practiced as a willful choice by the majority now.  Ram, 29th April 2015 ------------------------------------ Mahatma Gandhi at Mayavaram 1st

Barefoot Academy of Governance initiative in Organic Farming...

30th April 2015: Ram spoke government schemes and organic farming and lifestyle changes needed at the Seminar on Profitable Organic Farming organized by the Barefoot Academy of Governance in Veppur in Perembalur District. Identified as one of the most backward districts of Tamilnadu, the Barefoot Academy is evolving a comprehensive development plan for this block working closely with the district administration and the State Planning Commission. The initiative started last year and this year there were quite a few organic farmers in the meeting. Perambalur is a district with rich agricultural history but reduced to growing Bt Cotton mostly now. Farmers were convinced of organic farming and many were interested to grow their Cotton using traditional varieties and organic faring practices...

EDI programme announcement on Health Food sector

The Entrpreneurship Development Institute of Tamilnadu has announced a 25 day programme for Entrepreneurs on 'Health Food' Sector. The programme is supported by the Government and the candidates need to pay only for the field visit part of the programme. Importantly, this time around, it has integrated opportunities around Local, Fresh and Safe Food as part of the Health Food curriculum! More details regarding the programme are available here .The programme commences end of April. You can seek further information and apply also by writing to