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1st May 2008: New Internship

I met Gopal Singh Chauhan in SIDH Sanjeevani programme many years back. Recently met him again in the meeting at Sarah. He has expressed interest for a short term internship with Samanvaya during the months of June and July. He is currently pursuing a scholarship before embarking on a change programme in his native town of Bikaner in Rajasthan.

- Ram

1st May 2008, Updating the website

It's great to be back at the old Samanvaya office in Madhavaram, and working on the website like old times. Not to forget the endless cups of Coffee. It's Labour Day, so we labourers of Samanvaya are hard at work.

Please do visit the output of our labour, and dont forget to leave your comments and thoughts.

1st May 2008, Samanvaya web updates

Samanvaya website

The Samanvaya website was completely rehauled with a new design and web features. However, it has been in Beta all these days.

We are out of beta!! We welcome you to visit the new site, make use of the resources and references in our knowledge section, or if you prefer lighter reading, take a look at our team columns and anecdotes, or just browse through for new ideas and possibilities. And, dont forget to leave your comments for us through the feedback section.