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7th May 2008: Mr. Davidson, CCD: A friend of Samanvaya passes away...

It was as shock to hear about the sudden and untimely demise of Mr. Davidson, the administrative office of CCD, Madurai on the early hours of Monday the 5th, May.

Mr. Davidson was the communicator for CCD, writing all the mails that went from the central office, responding to queries and holding the post when many of the CCD core team members were out in their various projects. It was our pleasure to get to know this warm elderly gentleman who with his rich voice immediately put anyone who called for information to CCD at ease.

A conservative Christian, Mr. Davidson had earlier worked for a few years in West Asian countries where practicing of any religion apart from Islam was banned. He along with a few more had been part of a under-ground church, regularly meeting for their prayers and service. On being caught and imprisoned, he preferred to return to India rather than suffer not practicing his faith in such a country. During those days he had even released religious albums in which he had sung hymns. He always came up with timely and relevant prayers whenever called to say the prayers while commencement of any programme at CCD.

Since his return, he has been attached to CCD for over a decade and more. Seeing it through its growth and expansion phase. Extremely reliable and always prompt on his follow-up, he was a wonderful professional. Over and above his professional needs, he always went out of his way to help visitors and friends of CCD and made them feel at home during their visits to the CCD office in Madurai. In my many visits, there will always be a call after I reached in the morning enquiring whether I had a comfortable journey and whether I am happy with the accommodation. 'We are here to serve you Sir', he would respond in good humour if we ever protest about him fussing too much over us.

It is sad to know that such a wonderful human being is no longer with us, we at Samanvaya express our sadness and join in the prayers and mourning with the CCD team.

- Ram, wednesday 7th May 2008