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Busy beginning for October, 2008

The first week was rather busy. We had the launch of Community Access on the 2nd october 2008 afternoon at the Adayar Poonga. Business Line carried a nice news article on the launch of the forum in Chennai though the title was rather mis-leading.

On the 2nd October morning, Ram was interviewed in one of the city FM radio's on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi.

3rd October morning saw Samanvaya making a thematic main speech on the idea of Social Entrepreneurship at the Stella Maris College in the City. This programme had been organized by the Department of Public Relations of the college with whom Samanvaya has colloborated in quite a few programmes in the last few years. Ram made the thematic presentation and set the tone for the day's proceedings in which over 20 prominent NGOs from the city participated. This programme was organized by the SAARC countries Women Entrepreneurship Council whose current Chairperson, Ms. Indira Dutt is also an aluminus of Stella Maris College.

On the 3rd October in Tanjore, the SRI consultations continued facilitated by Krishnan, Associate Consultant of Samanvaya.

On 4th Saturday, in a meeting with a major organic farming promoting agency across Tamilnadu based in Chennai, Samanvaya was awarded a contract to analyse the impact of organic farming on the lives of farmers with data collected spread across a few years as well as profile the impact through a few case stories.

The beginning of the second week saw Ram in Madurai where two major NGOs with whom Samanvaya has been involved with earlier have been discussing new projects with us. A concept note authored by us in early 2008 on making available traditional health system knowledge to rural masses through a possible network project took concrete shape in a meeting some of the most important organizations working traditional health care systems in southern India on the 7th October at Gandhigram.

8th wednesday was the Duserrah Pooja in the office followed by the long weekend.