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Samanvaya Knowledge Trust, 17th Jan 09

Announcing Samanvaya Knowledge Trust and launching of the Harmony Centre for Learning

We thank the many friends and well wishers of Samanvaya who have made our journey of 10 years significant. Ten years has been a long journey for consultants in the social sector, particularly in our choice of working close to the people's movements. We are proud of working with many significant initiatives and wonderful people. The learning, insights and knowledge we have acquired through these initiatives have certainly helped us to understand the social sector much better and strengthen our services to this sector. Wherever we have seen a gap long unattended to in this sector, we have responded by launching our own initiative, either independently or with a partner agency.  Some of these initiatives are today seen as important concepts and trendsetters. 

We are now consolidating and institutionalizing some of our knowledge initiatives. Though this process has been on for over a year, the same has been formalised with the launching of the Samanvaya Knowledge Trust this year aptly on January 12th, the youth day, with an eminent Board of Trustees. 

The Harmony Centre for Learning, is planned to be launched later this year, initially as a pre-primary school. 

Samanvaya Consulting will continue to function independently providing strategic knowledge consulting services to the social sector.

Thank you once again for the support you have extended over time and looking forward to the continuation of the same in coming times.

Team Samanvaya