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"For Earth's Sake" - 'Life Teacher' Learning Series I

(Apologies for cross posting)

Samanvaya Knowledge Trust is happy to announce the 'Life Teacher' Learning programme series for teachers and parents who care, and want to go that extra mile for facilitating true learning and happy learning environments. This programme has come as a result of two factors - one being our interaction with those whom we call Life Teachers, who teach through life, for life, beyond everything else; and the other, our discussions with parents and teachers in several formal and informal groups.

Discussions with parents and teachers have brought out a persistent issue and need for a broader macro-level understanding of the changes around us, be it in environment, education, social trends and so on, and how these fit into our everyday actions, especially interactions with children, either through formal educational processes or parenting. Such a need also includes certain skills and tools that would perhaps open creative channels and facilitate an empathetic and broader understanding.

Please click here for more details about the programme and participation.