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Letter to Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Environment & Forests on Bt Brinjal

Dear Mr. Ramesh,

Understand the the GEAC is considering the commercial release of the controversial Bt Brinjal in the next few days. Kindly request your ministry to take a long term view of this impending disaster to our land and ensure that India doesn't succumb to every technological dump from others.

For long we have suffered poisoning of our soil as a necessity in the name of food security, today we know better, our organic cotton and food are consumed by the 'developed' world whose salesmen knock at our doors for yet another poisonous product, and yet again in the pretext of providing us food security. Today, we know better.

You have written about the benefits of GM way back when you were not a minister in your columns. But, I am aware that you have since becoming the Ministry in this Department started hearing out the environmental concerns seriously too. You may be aware that the 'solution' of Bt Brinjal is not for any 'problem', but, may create more problems eventually.

Edible GM being permitted in India will also set a precedence for easy sales to several other nations that don't have the stature of India in the world.

Understanding Genetic Modifications in nature is important for science, facilitating it is fine, but, when it is forced upon nature for commercial benefit of a few, it is an assault and abuse. It may be fine for some, but, is against the spirit of the Indian world view.

I request you to please not permit this technology to take roots in Indian food chain. This decision of yours can impact several generations, your intervention could make a positive contribution.

With respect and regards,
Chief, Samanvaya
12th October 2009