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No Freedom Lecture?

After seven years of Samanvaya Freedom Lecture, this year we have decided to not hold one around the Aug 15th. Not because we didn't meet anyone who is worthy of delivering the lecture, indeed we considered more than one. But, apart from the fact our strongest candidate refused on grounds of not feeling up to it, we also have not been too keen to pursue it.

We feel if the concept has a validity such initiatives have to happen by themselves, sustain, each year it has always been that we think of a speaker and invariably the speakers don't refuse and agree immediately. We have always almost had the person to Preside over also agree without a problem. The participation which is steady and small almost always is a loyal following.  In the last few years the Freedom Lecture has been organized in collaboration with others, this too is not our doing and what others have volunteered by themselves.

So,  when someone refused to talk this year, we decided to see if we come across someone to replace before the deadline we had set ourselves, that didn't happen. Maybe it may happen later this year and we will call it something else...

But, to the few loyal followers who stay in town to attend the lecture at this time, we would like to apologize. Maybe next year?! Meanwhile greetings on the Independence Day.