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Lecture by Prof. Hans Peter Durr, 09/03/2012

Listened to this amazing lecture by the German Prof. Hans Peter Durr, it is amazing that someone of his age (89), could stand and deliver a lecture for over an hour in the first place. And then he spoke on "Nuclear Power and the Hunger for Energy" in Chennai when the TN govt. is about to make the critical decision on whether to go ahead or not with the Nuclear Power Plant at Koodankulam.

His ridiculing the entire idea of Nuclear energy being for any 'peaceful purpose' in complete scientific terms and with unambiguous contempt will go a long way in helping the cause of the anti-Nuclear protesters in Koodankulam. It was great to listen to him dismiss each one of the arguments of the proponents of the Nuclear Energy with a wave of his hand and clear scientific reasoning.

I do hope the TAG - VHS Research Centre for Diabetes that organized this 'oration' will publish the lecture in a some form (or better still make it available online as a video), it will be very useful for many who didnt make it. Considering the amazing nature of the subject and not every day you get a Noble and Alternate Noble Winner giving lectures in the city, it was rather sad to see the Ballroom at the Taj three quarters empty.