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Prajna - a joint venture...

Current understanding of health care in society is based on parameters of illness. Most of know more terms and reference points of illness than health to even describe our status of health - 'my blood sugar is fine', 'my BP is so and so', 'my ...'. such indicators are meant to see if we are ill, not to measure if we are healthy! absence of illness is not the only definitely of healthy life, a conscious living even with physical ailments certainly is possible and has proven to be valuable in the life of many great souls.

Prajna is a joint attempt by Samanvaya and Ekam Foundation to try to understand health of humans that is linked to their environment, polity, society and economy...factors that adversely impact health, which however are not always factored in while measuring, analyzing and / or understanding human health. 

Currently we have initiated studies in two blocks each in  three districts of Tamilnadu, as a beginning of such an understanding along with grass root governance of health care services as an intervention. Currently, two scholars from the Political Science Department, Madras University are associated with these ventures as their internship programme. 

While there are moves to link 'wellness' and 'happiness' and define some indicators, there doesn't seem to be a focused attempt to link micro-changes in environment to health trends in a location. We feel such linked studies (which bring up very interesting research questions) will create a better knowledge life style. We know that increasing number of human ailments are to do with lifestyles (and somehow, the 'lifestyle' of the poor and rural is not as equally valuable and alluring as 'lifestyle' of the rich and famous). We believe that better knowledge of lifestyle can only lead to better health understanding and better health care services, this may also truely shape 'convergence' in grasssroot delivery of services. 

Prajna was not formally launched, but, started functioning in the last few months already compiling data to begin with. We are still early days, but, deeply convinced about the idea. Ofcourse, welcome suggestions, ideas and participation.  Will be able to share some outcomes in the coming months.  

ram, & dr. sailakshmi,