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Archival material of Sri. Dharampal...An explanation on

We often get requests from far off places regarding the archival compilations of Sri. Dharampal. This is primarily due to the fact that search engines still fetch our contacts based on an earlier website that no longer exists. 

The facts are as following:
1. We had worked quite a bit in digitizing the archival material of Sri. Dharampal between 2000 and 2006 when he passed away.
2. At the time of his passing away, we had a series of compilations that he himself did during these years.
3. These 'compilation' were by no means to be published or in a stage of publication. Many were work in progress and some he himself recommended for further research while others he recommended only for a note of introduction (a style of writing he adopted was to have a large introductory note followed by a sequence of archival documents which corroborated the summary)
4. After his passing away, we suggested making these compilations 'open source' by writing and seeking permission with several of his close associates and friends
5. When we created, we put up digital version of these compilations on an 'as-is' basis with a disclaimer that gave Sri. Dharampal's view on their status as well.
6. A couple of years later, Prof. Gita, Sri. Dharamapal's daughter and an eminent historian in her own right, had written to us saying that she felt that these materials ought not be in the 'as-is' stage in public. She had also started to work on several ideas of research of her illustrious father by then. 
7. Based on her request we removed the 'archival compilation' that was till then available in the website -
8. Apart from this compilations, the website only carried a biographical account on Sri. Dharampal as well as his published material. These were already available elsewhere though they were not available comprehensively at the time the website was created, so, we decided that it is best that we don't maintain another web entity.  
9. Later we realize that there is also an archival repository of Sri. Dharampal, compiled by Centre for Policy Studies, that has been digitized and made available online
10. Samanvaya has extensively based its different areas of work rooted in the thoughts and strength drawn from Sri. Dharampal's insights and research work. However, Samanvaya is not working on the archival material and / or similar work with British Archival materials just now. 

So, we request those who are looking for information on Sri. Dharampal's research work or further work to be in touch with any of these institutions mentioned above. 

Chief, Samanvaya
 June 2013