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SEDAB visits Chennai...

We get often asked what 'exactly do we do?', it is a difficult question if one is involved in building things that take a long time to manifest in any manner. however, here is something that we are proud to share!
Samanvaya has been involved from the stage of conceptualizing, formation, management and trouble shooting of several village level enterprises utilizing the skills, knowledge, network and visibility of Auroville institutions for over 4 years now. some of these women's owned and managed enterprises have become quite successful, details of the same may be found at Sustainable Enterprise Development in Auroville Bio-region.
We are proud to share the information that some of these village enterprises will be on display at the Auroville Festival in Chennai during the month of March...
Yes, Samanvaya works on creating individual competencies, initiatives and institutions for strengthening rural livelihoods.