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20 years of Samanvaya...

15th Aug 1998, we started Samanvaya Consulting as a small initiative. It was just a newsletter at that time, but, the resolve was to work as independent consultants only in the social sector. "Shaping actions for a better planet" came about much later as a motto. Today, as we complete 20 years, we stay true to our objective of sticking to truth, making life simpler and staying small even as the world around us during these 2 decades has changed much. During this time, we have enabled and catalyzed initiatives and ventures that have touched perhaps a few thousand lives, changed some of them. To be able to do so is a blessing. To continue to be receiving the opportunity to serve the social space, is bigger blessing.

We don't have a habit of celebrating our birthday, but, wanted to share this short story above just to tell anyone out there with a heart to serve or volunteer in the social sector and wondering if it is possible to survive. 

YES, we are a living proof. The rules are simple -
1.You receive more than you give voluntarily, so, give.
2.You achieve more if you don't care who gets the credit.
3. Whatever is correct, will have an impact, some instantly, some can take 100 years, but, you can't be daunted by it.
4. There is enough space for everyone in doing the right thing, scale or magnitude doesn't matter.
5. To stay healthy, happy, maintain inner peace and learn to laugh at oneself is very important.